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Join private investors Mark Simpson, Bruce Packard, Graham Neary, Roland Head and Maynard Paton as they discuss their shares, portfolios and the markets in a mix of healthy debates, lively conversations and in-depth discussions. And submit your questions for the hosts to answer!
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Our Podcasts

The very best premium podcasts for UK private investors!

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Three great podcasts to enjoy every month:

  • The Investor's Roundtable Podcast:
    • Healthy four-way debates about shares, portfolios and strategies.
    • Answers to your questions!
    • With Mark Simpson, Bruce Packard, Roland Head, Graham Neary and Maynard Paton.

  • The Value Trapped Podcast:
    • Lively conversations about investing lessons and portfolio management.
    • Covers market trends and intriguing stocks.  
    • With Mark Simpson, Bruce Packard and Graham Neary

  • The Private Investor's Podcast:
    • In-depth reviews of favoured companies. 
    • A focus on fundamentals such as financials, management and valuation.
    • With Roland Head and Maynard Paton.

Introducing your hosts: Mark Simpson, Bruce Packard, Graham Neary, Roland Head and Maynard Paton.

  • Mark Simpson:
    • Author of Excellent Investing.
    • Co-founder of Small Caps Live.
    • Popular Mello Events presenter.
  • Bruce Packard:
    • Former City banking analyst.
    • Ace SharePad commentator.
    • Distinguished MoneyWeek writer.
  • Graham Neary:
    • Former city analyst and fund manager.
    • Founder of The Investors Institute. 
    • Respected Stockopedia contributor.           
  • Roland Head:
    • Respected dividend blogger.
    • Premium Stockopedia analyst.
    • Top Motley Fool writer.
  • Maynard Paton:
    • Former share tipster.
    • Prominent small-cap blogger.
    • Comprehensive SharePad contributor.
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PIP017 Company Review of Car Finance Provider S&U (SUS)
VTP008 Mark & Graham Discuss the Weak UK Small Cap Market, Takeovers, Problem Businesses & Hopefully Some Bargains
IRT005 Round Table Discussing Hargreaves Lansdown (HL), Focusrite (TUNE), Strix (KETL) Fevertree (FEVR) & How Do We Value Companies & Derive Our Price Targets
PIP016 Company Review Quartix Technologies (QTX): Growth Potential, Financials, Management, & Head Winds
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