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Learning from mistakes

Hi Team, we often learn a lot from mistakes than success. Please can each of you share one of your mistake in investing career and the lesson learnt from it ? Thanks Nesh

Supreme PLC - Am I too late at 128p

Supreme PLC claim to have a "winning business model" that is based on being ultra low cost and also stripping out almost all the Head office costs from acquisitions. With H1 turnover and eps likely to increase by at least 50% to a new record, is it too late to buy at 128p? (They hit a post-IPO low of about 70p last year after a profit warning and a strategic decision to cut the dividend payout from 50% of profits to 25%)

Company research

Hi everyone, I’ve really enjoyed the podcast so far, so was happy to subscribe. I would love to know how the round table investors approach their research for companies. Do you have a specific approach to reading annual reports? How do you approach industry research? and how important is meeting with management or AGM attendance for you? Thanks. John